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Sponsorship Opportunity

We have been aided to grow over the last decade by a number of individuals and businesses and without their help we would not be where we are today.  Could you support a local grassroots community club that provides a great social activity for many people across the region by sponsoring our flagship event?

Can You Help Us?

Heckmondwike Petanque Club has a membership of around 80 and play from the pavillion and on their terrains at Firth Park in Heckmondwike.

Founded in 2012 the club has grown tremendously in that decade and in 2018 hosted La British Open, attracting teams from across Europe and with a first prize of £1000!

Covid postponed the 2020 event and it wasn’t the right climate to stage an event in 2021.  We started back in 2022 with a smaller Yorkshire event.

It still attracted teams from across the country and this year we want to host another one to build upon last years success.

Teams pay £10 per person to enter but this goes back almost entirely as prize money and so sponsorship helps us make the event as good as it can be whilst helping to sustain our club throughout the year. 

"Any sponsorship of whatever value is really appreciated. All the upkeep of the terrains is done by ourselves and although we have great members who can give us their time, money is always tight! Sponsorship allows us to host reigonal and national competitions and maintain our facilities to ensure our members have access all year round"

David Whittington, Secretary

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are the main things you might want to know…


We’ll use the money to:

Make sure our playing surfaces are fit for play.

Offer a guaranteed first prize to attract as many teams as possible.

Support the club

Advertise the event

Make sure our playing surfaces are fit for play.


Yes absolutely!

Any investment in time or money for our flagship event is felt the whole year round by all our members so you’ll be contributing to a thriving local community sports club.

Yes.  The event will be named after your brand.  

We will put your branding on all of our social media and website output.

If you have any display branding we can arrange for this to be displayed prominently throughout the day.

Yes of course.  The day is open to anyone whether players, supporters or guests.

We would love to have you join us on the day and see what we are all about!

Last Year...

The event last year was kindly sponsored by Tog 24.  We make sure to include their brand and logo on everything we publish.

The event was named the Tog 24 Yorkshire Open Mixed Triples and referred to as such throughout.  Although Tog were supporting with the main aim of helping the local community we made sure we did everything we could in return to make sure their brand was central to all our marketing.

We attracted teams from around the country and, despite being the hottest day of the year, the day was fantastic with over 80 people on and around the terrains, playing and supporting.

Could you allow us to make it just as great again in 2023?

Tog 24 Yorkshire Open